Twitter's Incredible Usage Statistics

Microblogging service Twitter and other services which use API become so popular! I also use it so often even in my mobile phone!

Nielsen shared a new research in their blog about Twitter's statistics. The results of the research was really impressive. Unique visitors of the service has grown % 1382 in the last year which means from 475,000 uniques to 7 million. Twitter is followed by Facebook and Zimbio which showed also bigger performances like 240 % and 228 %. But, when you compare them with the Twitter's rise they are nothing more than worthless.

Age Demographics of Twitter:
According to the statistics, 65 % of the Twitter users is older than the age of 35. If you also compare this data with Facebook and other social networks you can see a huge difference with the major age group of that social networks. The success of Twitter in the countries other than US. I know lots of clone startups has failed becoming popular services in their local markets. They just couldn't get the users' attention.

As a summary, Twitter is found attractive by only older people which are the minor part of Internet users in those markets. Young age groups found Twitter-kind services less attractive and that's way those clones are all failed.

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